Fernando Tatis Jr. Ties Vlad Jr For Most Homers In The Bigs And This Home Run Race Is Going To Be Awesome

Fernando Tatis Jr. is hot as hell right now, 5 homers in his last 7 games coming into last night and suddenly he's tied with Vlad Guerrero Jr. at the top of the MLB home run list. We've got two 22 year olds leading baseball with 22 home runs and it's great for the sport. And who's number 3 behind those two? Shohei Ohtani. And it's Ronald Acuna Jr. right behind him, so with those 4 we as baseball and are in good hands. Now Vlad Jr. does play in Baltimore this weekend so he may be sniffing 30 by the time Monday rolls around but for now we've got the two famous Jrs in baseball tied at the top of the mountain. Remember that Tatis Jr. has only played in 53 games too, he missed a chunk of time with the shoulder injury and he came back stronger. 14 homers in his last 30 games is insanely impressive too. He and Vlad Jr. going nose-to-nose in a home run race for the rest of the season would be AWESOME too. Two young stars, faces of baseballs, famous dads, sniffing 50 bombs each in a home run race that comes down to the last day? That would be absolutely insane to watch unfold throughout the season. 

The MVP chants started to come out last night too, and honestly it's the right choice right now in the NL. Throw in the fact that the Padres had 100% full capacity and the crowd was going NUTS during the game and it was an awesome scene. Now please let both Vladdy Jr. and Tatis Jr. stay healthy and give us a home run race to 50. Baseball owes it to us fans.