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Netherlands Fans Are So Annoyed With Their Coach They Flew A Plane Banner Over Practice To Convince Him To Change His Gameplan

I was just watching the pregame show for Netherlands/Austria when they were talking about it and I can't believe I missed this earlier. What a move. I love it. You know what the Dutch love? Soccer. They failed to qualify for Euro 2016. They failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Needless to say Dutch fans are fucking pissed. So what do they do? They complain, but they also took matters into their own hands. Not happy with the 5 back look and want a 4-3-3? Let Frank de Boer know. He can say he's out there ignoring it, but you know it's in the back of his mind. Plus these fans can't say they didn't try if Netherlands fails in the Euro right now. 

I don't know who these fans are, but they are the number 1 fans in Netherlands. They are everything European soccer fans should be. They aren't there just angrily typing on a keyboard to Twitter or to a message board. Oh no, they are getting in the plane and flying over the practice facility. That's how you act as a fan. They aren't asking for much, just change to the 4-3-3. 

At the same time I respect de Boer for buckling in and doubling down. They are running 5 in the back again today against Austria with Dumfries, De Vrig, De Ligt, Blind and Van Aanholt. He doesn't give a fuck. They won a crazy first game against Ukraine, get off his ass. If they beat Austria and advance to the knockout stage, he should have every right to taunt them in the press conference. Give me a little back and forth here. 

What I really appreciate here though is the plan by the fans. It's not just a fire banner which are lame and overplayed. It's simply requesting a gameplan change. That's how you support your country.