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Love Is Dead: A Couple That Chained Themselves Together On Valentine's Day Finally Had The Chains Cut And Immediately Broke Up

Daily Mail- A couple who chained themselves together on Valentine's Day to test their love finally had their clasp cut today - and immediately broke up. Viktoria 'Vika' Pustovitova, 29, and Alexander 'Sasha' Kudlay, 33, from Kharkiv in Ukraine, were bound together for 123 days. But as the chain was severed by giant cutters in Kiev, they couldn't wait to go their separate ways.

I guess it's time to clip Cupid's wings and pay our respects to a little thing called romance now that these two lovebirds have called it quits. Not only did they break up but once the chains were cut, their bodies naturally rejected being close to each other like two magnets that you try to make touch. 

You could say that was perhaps just a natural reaction to having freedom from someone you spent every waking minute with for 123 days. But this quote from the lovely Viktoria stuck a dagger in love's coffin.

'I want to live my own independent life, and grow as an independent person,' announced Vika . She shouted 'Hurray' as they were freed from each other. 'I am finally free,' she said.

Let's pull up the instant replay to see how Alex reacted to his former (cell)mate celebrating single life like she just won a championship.

Giphy Images.


You would think that spending every single waking minute of your lives with someone over the last four months would lead to a little bit more grace once the chains were cut. Every moment you were eating, sleeping, watching TV, showering, or even dropping a deuce.

[Thinks about it for a second]

Holy shit, love isn't dead. Instead, I think you can make a case that love has never been more alive! The fact that this idiotic plan never led to the murder of the other person proves that there is some sort of special cosmic force out there. I love my wife more than I can put into words, but I couldn't imagine not having even FIVE minutes alone.

So shout out to Viktoria and Alex for proving that love is real if not fleeting or whatever that Corinthians speech is from every wedding we've ever been to. Hope you both enjoy single life where you aren't chained to someone like a prisoner being transferred from jail. Something tells me Viktoria will considering this was the last line of the article.

The unchaining was supervised by Ukrainian records chief Vitaly Zorin. He said: 'Since this is Vika's first free evening, I'm going to introduce myself to her.'

Shoot that shot, Vitaly. As long as you don't ask her to handcuff herself to you for every moment of her life, it may actually hit.