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We Have A New Leader In The Clubhouse For The Worst Play Of The 2021 Season

If this play doesn't sum up the 2021 Orioles than I'm not sure what play does. This one may be the leader in the clubhouse for worst play of the year, the Javy Baez vs the Pirates one may be off the hook. This is your average, run of the mill rundown. Teams practice it all the time in spring training, and in high school, and in little league. But the Orioles just couldn't execute last night. What should have been an out at second or even first turned into Jose Ramirez going first to third in embarrassing fashion. Should have been out at second....but no one was covering the bag and then guess what, Ramirez jumped up and saw no one was covering third so he was off to the races there. Everyone on the field falling asleep, not executing a rundown the proper way, not covering the right bases. Embarrassing play for all involved. Terry Francona and Cleveland loved it, they're laughing in the dugout they're having a good time. Credit to Ramirez for hustling on that play too, a lot of guys prob just stay at first or give up in the rundown. He's sprinting around, diving all around this little league play. 18 straight road losses for the Orioles now too, not even the longest road losing streak in baseball thanks to Arizona, but this play seemed to sum up their entire season.