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The News Surrounding Chris Paul And Kawhi Leonard Keeps Getting Worse

Layne Murdoch Jr.. Getty Images.

When news broke earlier this morning that both Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul were going to be out, it was both shocking and a little confusing. Pretty massive deal considering these are the two best players on two legit title teams. Well as the day has gone by, things are getting worse and worse for each. Let's start with Kawhi. Initially the reports were that this was a knee sprain and that he was out indefinitely. Not great, but manageable. Well…..

A torn ACL?!?!?!?!?! What the hell. This now becomes a way bigger deal. Now you're not just talking about the rest of these playoffs, but it probably costs Kawhi next season too if in fact he did tear his ACL. You would think the Clippers would try and sign him to an extension this summer, so if he does miss the year you're basically left with a blown 3-1 series lead last year, a lost playoff season this year, and then potentially a lost year next season. Not exactly how the Clippers envisioned things when they first brought Kawhi in. 

Given what has happened to the stars in this league, I think we can all agree that this condensed schedule is the worst thing to ever happen to the league. No two ways about it. If you factor in Paul, we're at 9 All Stars that are going to miss games this postseason. That's the most in NBA history. Something tells me those are related.

Now the Chris Paul situation. Like many of these health and safety protocol situations, there's a lot of unknown surrounding it. Was it contact tracing? If so, why is he sitting out and LeBron didn't. Did he test positive? Is he vaccinated? Well reports are starting to come in from sourced in AZ

And there it is. Apparently despite getting vaccinated, Paul still tested positive. Talk about some shit luck. You can't help but feel for the guy. He might have the worst playoff luck of any star player I can think of. To keep having issues like this when his team has a legit title shot is so goddamn shitty. 

I'm almost afraid to refresh my timeline. OK shit, I did and we got more bad news

Between the injuries and the coaches getting fired this has been an absolutely wild day in the NBA and not in a good way.