EVERYONE RELAX: The Sixers Are Going To Be Just Fine...Probably

Rone and myself discuss in detail why EVERYBODY NEEDS TO FUCKING RELAX heading into Game 5 with the Hawks. The #1 seed Sixers are too damn good and are going to be just fine. Probably. And if not, may God have mercy on us all because the 10+ year process will all be for naught and Sam Hinkie will have died in vain. You can't lose to the Hawks in a 7 game series. You just, can't. 

Haters. Haters everywhere. Mostly from within our own company.

Dave Portnoy: "Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid will never win a championship together."

Also Dave Portnoy: "I also said Shaq would never win one, so I may be wrong."

Yes, Dave. You may be wrong. Until then, we ride this evening on the Barstool Sportsbook with exclusives from myself and Rone. Responsibly. CUE IT!