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A Psychic Elephant From Germany Just Gave Us Gamblers An Edge Tomorrow

This is all I ask for and finally I have been notified about a winner. There is zero doubt in my mind that Nellie The Elephant loses this pick . I cannot name one player on either team but since when do get a tip from a psychic elephant. I am pretty sure elephants are smart as shit and a lot of people came out to see him so they have to respect him. 

This isn't his first pick, either. He is 2-0 since 2012, so he isn't out here like Mintzy giving out losers. He is a respected elephant in his field. I know we take animal picks very seriously but he is from Germany so he has seen the German flag all over the place. That is all he knows. So him picking the France flag shows you something. He could have been a showman and made the crowd go crazy but he has a reputation to uphold. 

Did you see how sad that lady was when she found out he didn't pick Germany? She probably didn't go to work today because he is such a sharp. This makes me excited. And no offense to the ground hog but nobody cares if you sees your shadow or not because your reputation is trash. Not Nellie. He is going to bring us to victory.