Big, Bad Arkansas Couldn't Even Make It Out of a Home Super Regional and Mintzy Is Dead

I am still reeling from how much I hated to see this. No. 1 Arkansas was supposed to run roughshod through the NCAA Tournament and couldn't even get past NC State at home to make it to Omaha.

I personally can't imagine being a national seed and not making it to the College World Series, but I guess my school is just built different. It takes a truly special team to ride one relief pitcher for 122 pitches because it doesn't have any other viable options to throw a deciding game with a trip to Omaha on the line. Woo Pig!

Many people are also asking how a program could inscribe "OmaHogs" on its backstop and fail to reach the College World Series. I have been wondering the same thing myself.

But I do feel bad for two men today: my good friend Ben Mintz, who gave out Arkansas as his College World Series winner, and Dave Portnoy, who followed Mintzy's lead. I wish the situation in which Mintzy finds himself upon no man.

I did give out NC State +550, but that is neither here nor there.

It's just a real shame what happened. Arkansas fans are well-known for being some of the worst  nicest people you'll find in the SEC, so it really sucks to see this happen to them. Maybe next year.