Balls Beachwear Is Officially A GO & We Are Taking No Prisoners


I'm a simple man...I really, really am. I enjoy taking college football overs on a beautiful fall Saturday, I enjoy going out with friends to enjoy whatever the town may have to offer on any particular night, I enjoy Food Network videos on youtube, I enjoy having a few drinks, and I MOSTLY enjoy the art of Hawaiian shirts. Ever since I donned my first hawaiian shirts many moons ago I knew I had fallen in love with them. The idea of the endless color combinations along with designs whether modern or vintage is beyond alluring to me.

So one thing I've ALWAYS wanted to do is to have my own Hawaiian shirts. I was lucky enough to do that this past Christmas and had those bad boys sell out relatively quickly! A big thank you to everyone that purchased.

I'm now happy to announce that those Christmas Hawaiians are only a teeny, tiny, little appetizer in the grand scheme of Hawaiian shirts because...BALLS BEACHWEAR IS OFFICIALLY A GO! I'm actually shocked at the amount of DM's I get about Balls Beachwear day in & day out so for all those folks that've been wondering you are in the clear. 

And I couldn't be happier & more thankful that our fearless leader, Dave Portnoy, is the main man behind the operation. He just showed me a few of the designs and they are nothing short of ASTONISHING. And don't even get me started on the logo. That is a 30000/10 logo. Scratch that…it's actually a 5000000/10 logo. That's phone wallpaper worthy.

In all seriousness this is truly a dream come true & I can't wait for everyone to see them. Look out Tommy Bahama. Look out all other Hawaiian shirt companies. Balls Beachwear is OFFICIALLY coming soon.

Cannot wait.