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Boxing Superstar Claressa Shields Wins Her MMA Debut

Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields, the greatest female boxer of all time, and only boxer in history - female or male - to hold all four major world titles in boxing simultaneously in two weight classes, made her long awaited mixed martial arts debut in PFL's main event tonight - and she picked up as gritty a comeback win as you could ever ask for!

After being taken down and controlled for the majority of the first two rounds by Brittney Elkin (a brown belt under Rafael Lovato Jr)....

....Shields came outta her corner in the third DETERMINED to leave that cage with a finish, and it didn't take too long for her to achieve that after stuffing Elkin's final takedown attempt.

Shields obviously still has a TON of work to do in the grappling department if she's going to climb the women's MMA ranks like she did in boxing, but her showing tonight was very impressive in my eyes. She was put in some incredibly dangerous positions (as a white belt) and never lost her composure, never did anything too stupid where she coulda been submitted, and most importantly - never gave up. 

Plus, good luck dealing with these hands once she learns how to stuff takedowns….

Claressa also gave an amazing post-fight interview which only made her even more likable….

….so I'm really rooting for her. She's already a superstar in the boxing world, but I think there's real potential for her in mixed martial arts as well.