This Is The Tik Tok That Dave Called The Worst Thing He's Ever Seen


Yesterday on the Dave Portnoy show, Dave went into a tailspin about an intern's TikTok that he claimed would have brought the company down if it happened a decade ago. He went in on this poor intern, even suggesting he belongs in jail.



But the thing is, the TikTok mysteriously disappeared from the internet, leaving people wondering what happened to the best/worst Tok ever made. Well, without further ado, here is the esteemed TikTok in all its glory:



The only thing I hate about this is that it was brought to light so we'll never see more. I would have loved to see Shaun make these every day for a month, so I feel blowing it up after just one has sabotaged our chances of ever seeing more, and that's unfortunate. As someone who did one (1) episode of the illustrious "Nate At Night" Facebook Live program, I always want to see kids shine their brightest. 

Which brings up the other part of the DPSWE&C, me. I joined the show and we had a great discussion about behind the scenes of the blog, how the blog game has changed over the years (we used to be able to say ANYTHING, now we have to watch our every word), if Dave misses blogging, and much more. It ended with Dave greenlighting Cracking Aces, the award winning, formerly #1 poker podcast in the world. Dave admitted he never gave it a fair chance, despite it getting better numbers than current podcasts that have all of the Barstool resources thrown behind them (see: League, This). So after 85 episodes, all the biggest guests in the poker world (Negreanu, Moneymaker, Fedor Holz, Joey Ingram, etc) and 3 years of work, Cracking Aces is now an OFFICIAL Barstool podcast. 🥳 🥳 🥳

We're going to have merch, videos, LIVE EVENTS, and tons of other cool shit. As I said on the show, maybe 8 years ago when I was hired I wasn't well rounded and couldn't talk well, but now at 32 years old I have become a pretty good host of a poker podcast. All the old school CA fans, we're back, and to people curious to check it out, welcome aboard. You can subscribe on iTunes now, and our first new episode will drop next week. 




PS: I know there are plenty of people who don't like me or whatever. And that's fine. But I hope you give the DPS a shot, me and Dave had some nice back and forth, some inside baseball, and you realize maybe he doesn't hate me as much as some of you think he did, which obviously I know but never have broken kayfabe. And if you're a poker guy, Cracking Aces truly is the best poker podcast to ever do it, so hopefully you enjoy the new iteration coming.