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This Ding Dong Brain Bill de Blasio Went On TV And Called Green Peppers and BLACK OLIVES The Best Pizza Toppings


It's amazing to me that politicians can simultaneously get millions of people to vote for them while also being quite literally the dumbest people alive. This isn't a democrat or republican blog (in fact, I am not even sure what de Blasio is lol, that's how little I care), this is a "politicians are all ding dong brains" blog. How are you going to be running for mayor of NYC and announce green peppers as the BEST pizza topping and then BLACK OLIVES, THE GROSSEST, MOST FOUL FOOD ON EARTH, AS THE SECOND BEST????????????

I like green peppers. I don't mind them on a pizza. But now I will never have them ever again if this maniac ranks them narrowly before black olives as the best topping. Simply put, black olives are what they serve you in hell. Black olives are what they have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Gitmo. Deadspin readers snack on black olives. And apparently Mayor de Blasio jerks off to them before bed. 

Why can't these weirdos running for office be normal? We have Andrew Yang who thinks a Target is a bodega


Some other jabroni who thought a house in Brooklyn costs $100,000


Giphy Images.


And ol' de Blasio who puts black olives on his pizza. Probably cuts it with a fork and knife too.

That's why I'm voting for Tommy Smokes.




And keep black olives off of EVERYTHING.