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Rookie Call Up Luke Williams Hits First HR For A Walk Off And His Post Game Remarks Have All The Feels

Luke. Williams. What a damn great baseball name. Also, Scott Franzke can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the game today. Either you agree or you're just wrong. 

Everything about this is awesome. Just plain awesome. For a team that looked absolutely dogdick all game, having this kid step up with 2 outs in the 9th inning and do what he did vs the rival Braves is simply incredible. Oh, and give a LOT of love to Cutch, who got robbed all night at the plate, who worked a great 2 out, 3-2 walk the batter before for Luke Williams could go yam FTW. Gotta give credit to where credit it's often overlooked.

The Phillies NEED excitement like this for them and for us. For a team that has been straight up depressing at times this season, hopefully Luke Williams, a man who can play literally every position but catcher, can provide a bit of a spark plug to get to the top of the underachieving NL East. Ring that bell baby. RING IT. 

PS - Happy Zack Wheeler Day.

PSS - Rone and I go in on the unsanctioned Barstool Sports Philly podcast - First Time, Long Time. We'll hang up and listen.