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In Today's Episode Of "The Baseball Gods Hate The White Sox", Nick Madrigal Gets Hurt Running Out An IF Single

Tonight was the night. Tonight was the night that I was FULLY on board with Nick Madrigal. I have been vocal ever since he was drafted that I didn't like the pick. I knew he'd be a big leaguer and knew he had a "high floor", but I thought his ceiling was VERY limited.

Well after he drilled the gap tonight with a go ahead double to push his OPS that much closer to .800 tonight, I was sold. He had been hot for a few weeks now but I thought the weak contact was bound to return. 

Hand up, I was wrong. He's been drilling gaps with enough regularity over the last month+ that I think it's here to stay. I hope I'm not wrong again, but it might not matter now. As soon as I'm sold, he has to get carried off the field and can't put any weight at all one his right leg. Steve Stone mentioned it might be the A word; I PRAY TO GOD he's wrong, because that'd knock him out until this time next year. Hopefully it's just a strain and he's out after a 10 day IL stint. Can't wait to see more of Leury fucking Garcia. It's disgusting how much he's been forced to play this year. He's just so goddamn bad 

I can't do it with the injuries anymore. This would be the third starting position player to be banged for the year. It's truly incredible. Now we wait and see. Holding my breath