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New York Is BACK Now That There Are Unsanctioned Boxing Matches Taking Place In Washington Square Park At Night

Don't let NYC get hot! We may have just lived through the craziest year of our lives, but we are coming out the other side not only surviving but thriving. This whole time I thought watching Rough N Rowdy in old banquet halls was the perfect way for to experience the sweet science in motion. 

But after seeing this video, it's clear that lacing them up in the middle of a city brings an electricity that not even the craziest West Virginia crowd can provide. Don't get me wrong, not knowing what a bunch of mountaineers that have never left their town is a complete X-Factor. However a bunch of rowdy New Yorkers recording a boxing match on their phones as the back drop of the fancy ass architecture of Washington Square Park sits in the back is straight out of a Street Fighter II stage.

I always thought it was kinda bullshit that New York City never got to house a fighter in that classic game, but having it as a stage in real life Street Fighter II is actually even better. Maybe some homeless guy with fists of brick can rise as the New York rep of these public fight clubs, a Logan Paul type celebrity can lace them up at Venice Beach as a real life Johnny Cage, and a bunch of other cities around the globe can find their champion so we can crown an actual world warrior in this crazy timeline we are living in.