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We Got A FULL OUT Brawl Between Politicians In Bolivia

I won't lie. I briefly thought about throwing the must watch tag on this video. Something I've never done in my Barstool career, but this was an absolute electric factory video. This 30 second clip had more action than the entirety of the Floyd-Paul fight. Look, I know that what this guy was wearing was traditional Andes mountains/Bolivian attire. That doesn't change the fact that a government official wearing a Joseph Technicolor dream coat and a santa's elf hat while throwing haymakers on the floor of the Bolivian congress is just funny. That bell dings at the beginning just like a real fight and these two just got it on. Once the guy in the normal clothes realized he was in a fight it was over for technicolor dream coat guy. He just ATE punches until his little hat flew off. 

I don't know what the issue at hand here was and god as my witness I won't look into, but this matter is closed. The man with grey/plaid jacket is the King of Bolivia now. Not the President. Not the Prime Minister. He is the KING. He should get to wear the technicolor dreamcoat as I assume that jacket is given to whomever holds the highest office in all the land. He gets to sit on his thrown on the shores of Lake Titicaca and rule over his kingdom until someone challenges him for the jacket. 

More disputes should be settled this way. There's all this news about filibuster laws in America right now. Sounds serious. I don't have an opinion, but I promise you I would buy a CSPAN pay-per-view if I thought Joe Mancin was going to trade bombs with Corey Booker or the former SEAL from Texas with the eye patch. That's how we get out of debt. Congress fights. Also something to think about every mid-term election. "Could my local representative whip someone's ass if they needed to?" is a big time wrinkle in the nominating process.