In Today's Version Of Louisville Athletics Is A Joke - QB Transfers A Month After Joining Program, Football Coach Says They Still Need A QB, WR, Safety And Maybe A RB

I want to say I'm starting to feel bad for Louisville, but, that will never happen. It's Louisville, fuck them. They just continue to be a laughingstock at all levels. It doesn't matter if it's the basketball program having more extortion cases than NCAA Tournament wins the last 5 years or the football program seemingly falling apart. You know you just hate to see it. 

Let's get into it though. We're talking about early June and Scott Satterfield, who the fanbase is ready to fire, has a quote saying they are still looking for a QB, WR, Safety and maybe a running back. No big deal. I don't care if he's talking about depth or not. It's fucking June. How do you say that out loud when you're already on the hot seat? I know I like to joke around about the disaster that is Louisville, but holy shit is it bad there. 

Oh and to make matters even funnier, Luke McCaffrey announced he was joining Louisville about a month ago and then just dipped. Looked around for 3-4 days and said I'm out. I don't even care what you think of him as a player, you can't be having a player expected to at least fight for a starting QB spot dip out that quick. At least Scott Satterfield has that 12-12 record over the last two years to hold on to. 

Let's just run it back for old times sake.