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Warzone Is Officially On The Hot Seat! Battlefield 6 Trailer Was Released Today And It Made The Game Look Amazing

Battlefield, Battlefield, Battlefield. Will this finally be the year they de-throne Call of Duty? We're going to have to wait till June 13th to see what Battlefield 2042 is bringing to the table.

Let me start by saying this, you can make ANY game, movie, etc., look amazing with a trailer. This was no different and Battlefield usually has amazing trailers. However, it doesn't mean anything - at the end of the day, gameplay is king and nothing else matters. Cyberpunk is the best and most recent example of this. The game couldn't have been more hyped up, but the bugs within the game made it unplayable. June 13th will be the gameplay reveal, so expect an extensive blog/video about my thoughts.

I really like the move by Battlefield to have a futuristic setting. When Call of Duty announced that Vanguard will have aWWII setting, I was not a happy camper to say the least.

If Battlefield wants to succeed and crush Warzone, they'll have to drop a Battle Royale. There's no way around it. I am fully expecting some sort of tease or gameplay showing of a BR mode on June 13th. If there is none, what's the point? I think the era of multiplayer shooter game has lost a lot of its lust. This isn't the golden days of MW2/MW3 when multiplayer and Search & Destroy was all anyone wanted to play. Give the people a Battle Royale.

What do you want to see from the Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal?