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Skydiver Lands In The Middle Of Soccer Game, Promptly Gets Slapped With Yellow Card

The flopping in soccer is getting way out of hand at this point. Nobody even touched this dude and he's falling over like he just dropped out of the sky. Glad this official had finally seen enough and hit him with a yellow card. Personally I would have preferred to see a play-on in this scenario since it looked like green had a nice little rush going. Foul was away from the play, seemed like they had a clear advantage. But still, the right call on the field was made. 

Sidenote: I'm having a hard time trying to figure out if this fella planned on landing in the middle of this game or not. If this was staged then you'd typically expect a little more pageantry upon arrival, no? Acting like a total jackass and whathaveyou. So if he just got lost while he was in the sky and decided to make an emergency landing on a nice big patch of green, that leads me to my next question--what do you do when you land in some random spot after skydiving? That phone call you'd have to make to your buddy afterwards to come pick you up would have to feel like a real kick in the dick. I guess Chef Donny would probably be a good person to ask. I just feel like this would be a real quick way to lose some friends if you're constantly needing to get picked up in random locations every week because you're not hitting your target. 

h/t Extra Mustard