Pray For The Clippers: The Jazz Unleashed A Secret Weapon In Elle Johnson And They Can't Lose Now

And just like that my entire thought process on this series switched. Sure, the Jazz won last night without Mike Conley and sure the Clippers have never made the conference finals, but now this? This is just cruel by the Jazz. You can't have Elle Johnson supporting your team as a secret weapon and lose. Look at last night. She posted this picture and what happened? The Jazz survived missing TWENTY ONE shots in a row. Do you know how hard it is to win when you miss that many shots in a row? That sounds more made up than the Clippers never making the conference finals, but I promise it happened. 

Sure they may have gotten bailed out by Donovan Mitchell going off or Ty Lue not calling timeout and settling for this shot from Marcus Morris instead. 

But I choose to believe it was all because of Elle Johnson and not Dwyane Wade giving Donovan Mitchell pointers from the sidelines. 

I know they are close but this is still crazy to me. Wade is a Heat guy through and through despite being a noted Cavalier and Bull. You can't be showing up courtside in Utah and giving Mitchell pointers. He's going up against Paul George, you don't need THAT much help in the playoffs. 

Good luck to the Clips though. You're going to need it with Elle Johnson backing the Jazz.