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ALERT THE POLICE: Unwashed Swine In San Diego Have INVADED A Very Important Man's Workspace



No, but seriously:



How DARE the Padres let fans into the press box, that man's WORKPLACE, 3 hours before first pitch???? My heavens, did they even consider how hard at work Paul Sullivan would be while the grounds crew is still watering the outfield?? Paul Sullivan is a sports writer, god dammit, and you better respect his office and not let these dirty, disgusting, unwashed Padres fans INVADE, yes, INVADE his press box during work hours. I mean they got within 10 feet of him for goodness sake. I hope none of them took a picture remotely in his direction or the judge would and should add another 15 years to the end of the sentence, and no probation either. I will not rest until Paul, sorry, Mr. Sullivan is given a full apology from the Padres classless organization and they change their fans in the press box policy IMMEDIATELY. #JusticeForMrSullivan