Gary Cohen Lost His Goddamn Mind After MLB's Instant Replay System Fucked Up Yet Again And It Was Awesome

Look at Gare blowing his top over the INCOMPETENCE (said in Frank The Tank's voice) of baseball's replay system. The only times you typically hear that type of anguish during a Mets broadcast is if Keith has to work extra innings or Ron is describing a cabernet that didn't live up to his expectations. But after the millionth replay that took up everyone's time to get the call wrong, Corporate SNY Gary briefly ceased to exist and we got Bad Boy Gary biting the hand that feeds him.

This is why I love the SNY broadcast booth. Keith and Ron give us incredible knowledge from inside the game while Gary is the voice of every Mets fan. You don't always hear Gary get some caliente, but I enjoyed that rant. It's been a tough season for him since it's clear he has no clue how to call fly balls when watching on a TV screen from Citi Field. Us shleps that have lived our whole life watching games on TV instantly know if a ball is out of the park or a pop out off the bat. So unloading on Major League Baseball for sucking at using technology yet again was the perfect way to blow off some steam because MLB should throw this replay system in the garbage along with their social media policy about posting highlights unless you have their express written consent to post any rebroadcast, retransmission, or account of this game (That entire spiel is so fucking antiquated LOL).