Derrick Rose Fucked Around And Got Himself A 1st Place MVP Vote In The Year 2021 Of Our Lord

After years of hearing just how smart NBA fans are on NBA Twitter, I have to say they finally sold me. So many idiots would blindly vote for Jokic, Embiid, or Curry just because they had the best fancy advanced stats. But it's the masses (or whatever the fuck the cumulative fan vote is) that understood the V in MVP stands for value and everyone saw just how valuable Derrick Rose was to this year's Knicks during that shitshow of a 5 game series against the Hawks. Who needs Dame Lillard when he received as many first place MVP votes as you and I?

Those of us that watched the Knicks all season knows the team went from 2 games under .500 before the Rose trade to 10 games over after it. What else do you really need to know? Oh yeah, and Rose survived Thibs squeezing whatever juice is left in his legs from their time together in Chicago and Minnesota. If that's not worth a first place MVP vote, I don't know what does. Also if you told me that Rose took Randle's MVP vote since only one of them showed up for the Knicks in the playoffs, I'd be fine with that too.

I can't believe the Knicks had Derrick Rose in his age 27 season and his age 32 season where the age 27 season resulted in him disappearing on his team and the age 32 season resulted in him he snagging a first place MVP vote over some absolute studs after he was acquired the low low price of a 2nd round pick and some bust named Dennis.

Leon Rose done did it again!