Goldeneye 64 Maps Are In Far Cry 5 And It Looks SICK

This is electric and makes me think, could you imagine if they remastered Goldeneye? It would be a homerun. Comparing this to the original game must feel like putting on glasses for the first time. The gameplay looks CRISP.

I may have played Goldeneye 64 for the first time last month, but even I can respect greatness when I see it. Goldeneye 64 was way ahead of it's time and brings back nostalgia for so many people,  Coley included.

Shoutout to Perkfect-Dark1982, because he absolutely nailed this map. The attention to detail is very impressive and I wanna give these map a shot.

My first time playing Goldeneye was...interesting to say the least, but I quickly caught the hang of it and didn't want to put down the sticks.

I'm streaming some Warzone right now and yesterday, we were absolutely frying. Join stream below!