Gotta Respect Daryl Morey And The Sixers Getting Fined $75K Each For "Tampering" With Steph Curry Over This Tweet

CBS - Daryl Morey is notorious for hunting superstars. As general manager of the Houston Rockets, he acquired James Harden, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul in an attempt to stockpile enough talent to win the championship. He's since moved on to become president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76ers, but his approach to roster-building hasn't changed. He is, however, being punished for it. The NBA has fined Morey and the 76ers $75,000 each for tampering, the league announced on Monday. The fine is due to a tweet Morey sent on June 3 in regards to Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. Curry's brother, Seth, plays for the 76ers and scored 30 points in a series-clinching Game 5 victory over the Washington Wizards that took place on June 2. The Golden State superstar posted on Instagram about his brother's performance, to which Morey gave a simple two-word response: "join 'em." 

Daryl Morey is a gem. Not only is he one of the best basketball minds in the game pulling the strings for any team, he simply don't give a FUCK. He fires away at will and judging how this tweet is still up even after the fine, he stands by his actions of giving no such fucks. Also, Morey trading away the arguably more overall talented Josh Richardson for role starter/player Seth Curry has been one of the best moves made in the NBA this season but imagine if it was just a long con to get Steph? Chess. Supreme, astronomical chess. Curry is a free agent after next season and $150K is slim pickings in the long run if this actually amounts to getting some wheels in motion towards signing the superstar. It won't, but a man can dream, dammit. A man can dream. 

Onto this evening, the Sixers opened at -5. Already at -.5. Many exclusives coming today over at the Barstool Sportsbook from Rone and myself including this lovely nugget that may hit in the 1st quarter: 

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