Montreal Was An Absolute ZOO Last Night After The Canadiens Eliminated Winnipeg

This is the ole SEC cliche of "it just matters more". Canada it's actually true. Hockey matters more and when Covid/the government has prevented people from taking in and enjoying the only thing the entire nation truly cares about people are going to EXPLODE the moment they have reason to celebrate and that is exactly what happened last night in Montreal.

That guy holding the big ass construction cone thing like it was the Stanley Cup made me laugh. Like what do you get for winning the Canadian national championship? A parade through Montreal with an orange barricade. I am happy for these people though. Deep down they know their run is over. They know Canada's streak of no Stanley Cups since 1993 is going to continue. They know they're going to get absolutely smashed by either Vegas or Colorado when that series starts. They don't care. They are national champs. It's summer. They basically beat Winnipeg and Covid all in one moment. Oh, you won't let us watch inside? Fine, we are going to party all throughout the night with fireworks, rye whisky, and poutine. That's hockey. That's living. Good for them. Just nice to see fans enjoying their lives again.