Even my Uber Driver from The Kingdom Of Mali Knows Mike Budenholzer Is Getting Fired

It was a chore to get credentialed to the Nets game. The amount of back and forths with Brooklyn PR about my coverage plan at Barclays in order to get approved was (fairly) a little more than other teams like Phoenix or LA. 

I did say some things about their head coach, their star players etc etc etc

As soon as it got started was the moment I lost interest. Within 20 minutes I was scrolling tiktok, texting friends, and looking at a Reddit thread of “what is far deadlier than most people realize”. Apparently, rice left out even an hour past steaming and 3 uncooked kidney beans. I was basically Eric Bledsoe at a playoff game that I thought might be the best series of the bunch. 


Honestly, the best part was when the Nets were up almost 30 and the fans were still chirping Giannis at full strength like it was 2OT. Nice to see Brooklyn fans have so much energy even when they should have called an Uber home early. 

I, on the other hand, did catch an Uber home early. Start of the 4th quarter. Seacrest out. 

My Uber driver was Drissa, a man from the Kingdom of Mali, a country in West Africa who moved to NYC and fell in love with basketball. 

He asked what the score of the game was… I told them that the Nets were up 30 without Harden and his first response was “the head coach of the Bucks… he’s getting fired huh? Someone has got to pay. It’s his plan. His players weren’t put in the right position.” 

Yeah. I’m gonna say this. If my Uber driver from a country most Americans could not find on a map knows Budenholzer is going to be fired, he’s going to be fired. 

Of course, Budenholzer was almost in tears during the stretch where even the bench was pulling away. I think the Nets were up by 46 at one point? This team could easily have been up 60. Without James Harden. 

Barring a miracle of Red Sea proportions, Budenholzer also knows he is going to “mutually part ways” with the Bucks organization. 

It's just a matter of time. In fact, if I had to guess, I’d say Saturday morning. 

At this point, I would usually say, I’m really looking forward to game 3. But I’m not. I’m only looking forward to putting a max bet on the Nets on whatever points Vegas deems appropriate. 

It’s that much of a lock. This Bucks team has become its playoff self again. Hot garbage. Even Drissa said it. “The playoffs separate men from boys”. And the Nets look like grown men out there playing against a JV squad.