Tom Thibodeau Is Your 2020-21 NBA Coach Of The Year!


I know this seems kinda weird to be celebrating after the last 3 games of absolute slop we had to watch as Knicks fans. But in a weird way, Thibs being able to get the group of players with the type of limitations we know they had to the 4 seed in the East is proof of just how good a coach he is, not to mention hat he got a team with an Over/Under of 22 wins to almost double that total and that the Knicks led the NBA in covering the spread on the Barstool Sportsbook (DOWNLOAD TODAY!). Monty Williams obviously did a hell of a job turning around the Suns this season, but Thibs turned the Knicks from the punchline of the NBA to a playoff team with home court advantage in the first round with not nearly the talent out there in the desert. 

I'm sure the same people who have been rolling off LOL Knicks jokes for years will be furious that the guy who shut them all up for a year won this award. But fuck'em! All I've wanted is a coach that seemed to know what the hell he was doing and outside of a few months of Mike Miller, the Knicks haven't had that in years. Well now they have the Coach of the Year that makes us proud to be Knicks fans and is also as miserable as us after we lose. How beautiful is that?

You know what? Screw it, we're playing the song!