Jay-Z, Meek Mill & Michael Rubin Give Mr. Kraft a Bentley for His 80th Birthday. Because Kings Deserve Kingly Gifts.

TMZ - New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft just turned 80, but now he can cruise around in a drop-top like he's a billionaire half his age.

Meek Mill shared a video Monday of Bob's birthday surprise, in which Sixers partner Michael Rubin walked Kraft out of his house -- decked out in Pats gear -- to present him with his brand new blue Bentley ... something he apparently really desired.

Kraft seemed elated and mystified, asking, "How the fudge did you get it?" ... to which Rubin replied, "We have resources."

Rubin let Kraft know a handful of other rich dudes went in on his new whip -- including Meek and Jay-Z -- and it rode on a flatbed from Florida to arrive in pristine shape.

It's a question that anyone who has the right to consider themselves a success in this life has to deal with eventually. What to get for the 80-year-old self-made billionaire business tycoon, cardboard box mogul, empire builder, philanthropist, world traveler, romancer of beautiful, successful women and activist? 

It's certainly not easy. When a man already owns six Lombardi trophies and enough Lamar Hunt trophies that he's got to store them in a broom closet that used to be the men's room where Dorito Dink took the bag of footballs for 90 seconds before the 2014 AFC title game, what could really have value to him? When he's got four Super Bowl rings because Putin stole one and he auctioned another off to help front line workers, jewelry is out of the question. When he owns a pair of his own luxury jumbo jets, you can't exactly send him on a trip that will impress him. When he's built a state-of-the-art stadium with his own funds and a property in the Hamptons worth tens of millions, anything you buy at a store would seem like a mere trifling. Almost an insult. 

But when your friends are some of the biggest names in the Hip Hop community and you've helped get one of them released from prison, they will find a way to show you how much they care. And give you what a man of your stature deserves. A nice hand-written card that says you're 80, you look like you're 40 and 'Act like you're 25." Attached to a Bentley. The RKK of luxury motor vehicles. 

Nice choice, gentlemen. A Rolls Royce would've seemed too bourgeoise. A Lamborghini is the car for a noveau riche man going through a midlife crisis. And since Mr. Kraft hasn't had a midlife crisis yet because he spent those years building a pyramid of his enemies' skulls and putting a throne on top, his won't come for another 20 years or so. So a Bentley is perfect. A ragtop he can put down on his cruises through Palm Beach, king of his world. The envy of all he surveys. In a chariot befitting the man and his lofty position. 

I wish I could have kicked into that kitty along with Jay-Z and Meek and Rubin. But alas, I was not asked. So all I have for him is my continued friendship and our mutual support. When I'm driving around tomorrow opening the sunroof on my Ford Focus with the Viva sticker on the back, I'll imagine him doing likewise in his Bentley and be happy for my close, personal friend. Who just got the gift he deserves.