Chad Ochocinco Didn't Celebrate His Boxing Debut By Going To The Club, Instead He Went To Verdansk

No better way to celebrate your boxing debut than hitting Verdansk! It's what every athlete dreams of as a kid.

If you only knew Ochocinco from the football field, you would never know he's the definition of a passionate gamer. He's got a professional gaming setup and practically lives in FIFA and vacations with Warzone.

His twitter bio doesn't even mention the NFL - it only talks about Ochocinco the Gamer.

Little easter egg hidden within here too. Can you locate Liberty City on a map? Hopefully this helps.

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You're starting to see my point, Ochocinco is a gamer through and through. He's most notorious for his work on the FIFA pitch and he's recently been branching out into Warzone. Chad doesn't just play FIFA, he beats EVERYBODY and will takes challenges straight from twitter.

One of our very own members of our Gametime community, Young Leg, got the chance to face-off against Chad Johnson in FIFA.

Leg is probably one of the most talented FIFA players I know and he lost a 3 games series, 2-1, against Ochocinco. 

Once FIFA 22 drops, I'm dropping everything to train for the chance to defeat Ochocinco. Wish me luck.

Right now, we're in Verdansk with Megan Anderson! Join chat.