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Recording This Outrageous Cameo Request Made My Day

I got this cameo request last week. 

I sat on the request for a few days because I wanted to go over a game plan of how to record it properly, if I even wanted to record it at all. If I opted for the former and followed through with the request, I wanted the request to be sheer, unadulterated perfection, which is apparently how nice this dude's buddy's wife's tits are. We're talking Alexandra Daddario perfection, folks. The only problem is is that the dude who booked the cameo didn't include a picture of her for me to judge for myself. How am I supposed to take this cameo yard if I haven't even caught a glimpse of those warlocks myself? 

The answer is I can't. But as any good athlete would do, I worked with what was handed to me. I decided to record it, ship it off to him, and pocketed that $15 bucks or whatever it was. I take this kinda shit seriously. Real talk, there's nothing I take more serious than a pair of tits.  

I had fun recording, that goes without say, but I also couldn't help but think to myself, "is this dude a weirdo? What kind of self respecting man is this obsessed with his buddy's wife's tits?" the entire time. That's when it dawned on me, "actually if they're as great as they say they are, probably most dudes. He's just not afraid to say it out loud." 

And that's the key here - I ping ponged whether or not I wanted to even record the request, but I did for two reasons in the end:

1. I was paid to do so, so I can't get bonked for following orders and
2. He clearly isn't a lemming

And you all should focus on point 2. If his buddy's wife's sweater hams are as good as they say they are, he's just saying out loud what everyone else is already thinking. That's my M.O. - speaking freely when others are too afraid to do so. Insert the Nala quote, the Hooters quote, and every other quote that has bonked my brain into mashed potatoes. So because of that, I obliged the request and talked about how nice his buddy's wife's rack is. We need more people like this guy. The world would be a better place for it. that's the utopia I want to live in.