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Trae Young Is Disgustingly Good At Basketball And Now The Sixers Can't Fuck Around

Trae Young is very good at basketball. Like, incredibly good. Maybe, just maybe, put someone out there younger than 33-years-old in Danny Green for most of the game, but at least now Doc knows he can't fuck around. If the Sixers played with 1/1000000th of the aggressiveness and passion they did in the 2nd half in the 1st, they win this game handily. Shout out to Joel for seemingly being healthy and throwing up 39 on one leg, but pretty much everyone needs to come out firing in game 2. 

This Hawks team is dangerous, but beatable. Don't turn the ball over 9 times in the first quarter. Even better, don't let the Hawks go on a 17-0 run at the end of the 1st and start of the 2nd when you for some reason keep an all-bench squad on the floor. If Atlanta plays the rest of the playoffs like they did in that first half they will go down as the greatest team in NBA history, and rightfully so. 

Ben Simmons needs to hit his free throws. Or at least close to 50% of them. Please. Just to at least shut people the fuck up above anything else cause unfortunately for a lot of people that's gonna be the ONLY reason the Sixers lost. Green and Curry were brought in here to hit open 3's and they struggle WAY too often. I mean if they are just gonna chuck it up LA Fitness style every possession at least make it ONCE in awhile. Especially Danny Green. For someone who has been a starter on the last two championship teams (3 titles in total), you'd think he'd make a clutch, wide-open 3 for the Sixers when given the chance. But, nope. Not gonna happen. At least not yet. 

And I hate - hate - HATE to make any excuses with the refs, but good GOD. They're not the reason the Sixers lost. The Sixers are the reason the Sixers lost. But when shit like this was going all game:

Also the failed review on the a defensive foul where Trae Young clearly pushed off on a layup was explained in a way that it wasn't enough to overturn a defensive foul...but wasn't enough to make it a foul in the first place...unless it was called on Trae Young for pushing off? Makes sense. The system is broken. 

Whatever. Water will find its level, and as long as Embiid is healthy the Sixers should have no problem when it's all said and done. It may take another game, but they're simply too good to lose to this Hawks team over a 7 game season. Trust The Damn Process. 

PS - Find me a time Big T tweeted about the Hawks consistently before these playoffs and I'll find you a Unicorn to fuck.