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TCU's Bullpen Mob Dancing In Their Opponents Faces After A Homer May Be The Best Thing About The College Baseball Tournament So Far

FIRE ME UP BABY!!!! NCAA college baseball tournament is in full swing and we've had some awesome games and moments so far, but I think this clip above is my favorite. TCU down 2-0 to Dallas Baptist when Hunter Wolfe (GREAT name) decides he doesn't want to be losing anymore. Launches a 3-run homer into the TCU bullpen. The story wasn't Wolfe getting TCU back into the game, the story is the TCU bullpen face fucking and dancing right in the grill of the Dallas Baptist left fielder. Their left fielder is tracking the ball back, thinks he has a play but realizes he's out of luck. Next thing he knows he's face to face with the chain link bullpen fence out there and half of TCU's bullpen pieces are dancing and gyrating right in his face. All about the ripping and the tearing baby. What do you even do in that situation? Nothing, you have to just face the music. 

The guy in the back is doing river dance on your grill and all you can do is turn around and get ready for the next batter. I don't know how you don't immediately start cracking up when you get face to face and see that, it's a hilarious move by TCU and I respect the hell out of it. It has to be a planned out thing too, they knew what they were doing before the ball landed. Hell they were dancing before the ball landed. Unreal funny celebration and an A+ for execution by the guys out there. You can't win without a good bullpen, you need guys like that on your side. Especially to dance in the face of your opponent. I hope they do this for every home run they hit, I need more.