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Ryan Mountcastle Hit A Homer And Smoked This Kid Right In The Face

He did it again folks. Last week we saw Ryan Mountcastle hit a homer and almost killed Rob Refsnyder after he ran face first into the wall. Friday night he laced this homer to left, a go ahead bomb that ended up being the game winner. The baseball wasn’t the only thing that got smoked….

Our friend Jake Jones was front and center for floppy hat night and ended up getting caught with some friendly fire. He goes to catch the Mountcastle homer and ends up getting smacked in the face with the ball, direct hit right in the eye. Look at that cut, def some stitches and probably a concussion. And he didn’t even get the ball! Maybe it was a little interference but hey, gotta do what you gotta do to help your team win. In Jake’s case it meant taking a homer to the face. True team player. He reached out to Mountcastle via Ig and Mountcastle promised him a bat the next time he’s at a game. What a guy, just gotta work on getting those hands up quicker next time Jake. But we do appreciate you knocking the outfielders arms down and not allowing the robbery. Hope that heals up quick, there’s no way that felt good when he woke up.