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Bryson DeChambeau And His Team Is (Allegedly) Having Anybody Calling Him "Brooksy" Ejected And Brooks Koepka Is Loving Every Second Of It


This beef just won't stop. Not sure if this is 100% true but it's a salacious development either way.  In case you've been under a rock, these two have been going tit for tat on the internet for a couple of weeks now. This newest chapter at Muirfield Village is clearly an ode to Bryson taking offense to a heckler calling him "Brooksy" down at Kiawah.

The pendulum continues to swing back and forth here on who has more real estate where. It's just one big brain real estate-off. It's a term that got exhausted beyond belief over the years but these two have brought it back to the forefront. There's really no better way to describe it. These two really are all up in each others' heads and we're all reaping the benefits. 

Now clearly what we have here is the Pardon My Take fellas (allegedly) weaponizing the AWL's to do their bidding. PMT is the best at what they do and shit like this is why. They're the guys you want in their corner. They're the guys that will bring the infantry to your defense in a way that you simply cannot ignore. They're out in full force at the Memorial and they're making life hell for Bryson. Not sure why Brooks isn't playing this week but he's sitting back with his feet up enjoying every second of it. He's not hiding it either.


I just don't know what next steps are here for Bryson. It's essentially him and what army. He'd do good to take up Dave on his offer to carry his bag against Brooks whenever that match goes down. He's gotta get creative and that would at least be a start. Either way, the best rivalry going in sports right now just keeps getting better and better.