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Dino Gaudio's Excuse For Extorting Louisville Is Perfect For His Dumb Plan - 'He Was Angry For Seven Minutes'

What a perfect quote and excuse as to why Dino Gaudio tried to extort Louisville. He was angry for seven minutes. Perfectly reasonable. If it was 6 minutes, well, that'd be unacceptable. But seven minutes? You do crazy things for seven minutes, it's called Seven Minutes in Heaven for a reason folks. Who doesn't try to commit a federal crime when you're angry for seven minutes. You get fired and stew over it for seven minutes, next thing you know you avoid prison time. 

Then you remember how dumb Dino's plan was and well this makes the quote even more perfect. 

Now it's not lost on me how hilarious it is that Louisville had to self-report NCAA violations - as small and stupid as they are. Louisville is in the middle of an investigation already and the last thing you want is to have to report more violations. So in a weird way, Dino got part of his plan done. He just, you know, didn't get his $425k and plead guilty to a federal crime. You win some, you lose some.

Really this just continues to prove my theory that Skip Prosser suddenly and tragically dying is a no-brainer top-5 what if in college basketball in my lifetime. Skip had Wake Forest as a top-15ish program. He was bringing in big time recruits and sending them to the pros. He was winning. Then Dino's teams fell apart, losing as a 4 seed to Cleveland State and gets fired. Wake never recovers. Gaudio ends up at Louisville and does this. This doesn't happen if Skip was still around. 

Just a friendly reminder, if you're angry for seven minutes. Punch a hole in the wall. Don't commit a federal crime.