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We May Have Our Most Impressive Airport Fight Yet With Two Guys Brawling At The Check-In Counter

There's a war going on outside no man is safe from, it don't matter if you three feet or eight-one. You'll get eight from the nine and straight blown. Wig split, melon cracked, all that on day one. I hope I didn't scare anybody with the hardest opening sentences in Barstool history, but I had to unleash the lyrical stylings of Cam'ron to properly describe airports becoming the new fight club over the last few months now that things are getting back to "normal". 

However, you have to be a special kind of asshole to engage in fisticuffs at the check-in counter, which is essentially like having road rage before you even start your car. I can understand throwing hands on a plane after a long flight where you passively aggressively battled your fellow passenger for overhead compartment space or the armrest on an overcrowded vehicle with recycled air full of stale farts. The fact there aren't brawls daily at the baggage claim as those same weary travelers box each other out for positioning so they can jump at the unlimited black suitcases thrown on the conveyer belt that they think is theirs (Travel Tip: Always get a weird colored bag if you check your luggage). Even fighting at the terminal after a full day of getting ready to go to the airport, getting delayed as well as a bit tipsy by slugging some termies while waiting for your fight, and jockeying for position with total strangers while getting judged if you are lining up for the correct Boarding Zone is perfectly understandable.

But getting into a brouhaha at the check in is flat out crazy. You will never be as fresh or as relaxed as you are when you first enter the airport. You may get a little stressed over the line to check in followed by the complete X-factor that is going through security. However that first wave of airport AC always hits absolutely perfectly and once you check-in, the airport is briefly your oyster with nothing but good vibes for the time being, other than whatever pain your soul is in thanks to whatever damage you did to yourself in Miami along the way.

P.S. These guys probably don't have to worry about flying today since they probably got rushed away in the airport paddy wagon. But I think if the winner of the fight was able to weigh the loser of the fight, slap a check-in sticker on his ass then throw him on the conveyer belt for checked luggage, he should have been exempt from any charges.