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Little Screen Time, Huge Impact: Adam Sandler Movies Edition

This tweet was making its rounds on the Twittersphere yesterday. I saw it, and of course, had to respond with this:

The man offered an all time line "Jackass!", plus him wrecking the Volkswagen into the stand on the course eventually caused the downfall of that very stand which set up Happy's dramatic gold jacket clinching putt. 

Then I started racking my brain of some of the other Sandler classics and who would fit this role of little screen time, big impact.

Billy Madison - Danny McGrath (Steve Buscemi)

Sandler's 1995 classic is littered with small roles that have proven the test of time. Could go a lot of different ways here if you wanted to. O'Doyle, Farley the bus driver, the penguin. But we're talking "impact" and no one had bigger impact than saving Veronica and Billy's life from the lunatic Eric at the end. One simple phone call can go a long way. 

The Wedding Singer - Billy Idol

Thought about throwing Linda, Robbie Hart's first fiancé, in here, but that would have been too obvious. What a cameo from Idol. Brings it full circle from the scene after Linda doesn't show at the wedding when him, his brother-in-law, and Covert are sitting in the kitchen and "White Wedding" is playing on MTV. 

If it wasn't for Idol's star power and backing at the end then maybe the airline doesn't let them put together the whole plan for the "1st class passengers to do pretty much whatever they want" then because Billy Idol is in on it, the motorhead guy puts the final blow on Glen to allow Robbie to make the move on Julia. 

"See, Billy Idol gets it, I don't see why she can't get it". 

The Waterboy - Roberto Boucher

"Now I have two loves in my life: Big city livin' and a voodoo woman named Phyllis". 

Bobby spent the first 30 years of his life not knowing his daddy deserted him and momma. Because Roberto deserted the family for New Orleans, Bobby grew that unbreakable bond with momma that gave him inspiration to go back to the Bourbon Bowl. Then of course, we have the last scene where Momma finally gets her payoff with a Bobby style tackle. 

Big Daddy - Kevin Gerrity (Jon Stewart)

If we were going for most memorable then this goes to Rob Schneider's Delivery Guy role hands down. The dude is such a fan favorite Sandman threw him back in for a cameo in Mr. Deeds four years later. But impact then it has to be Gerrity. He's the reason for Julian, the reason he's there, then swoops in as another associate of Mr. Koufax at the end realizing his Julian's real dad. Chicken wings and Canadian beer like moonshine. Joe Carter!