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Frankie Better Be Paying Child Support For This Little Islanders Fan Chirping David Pastrnak's Ear Off

Most kids want to have their birthday party somewhere like a Chuck E. Cheese. But I bet this little menace has had his last 8 birthday parties at Borrelli's. Goodness gracious, I thought this little twerp actually was Frankie for a quick moment last night and that he was just skipping the trip to Hurricane's. Probably a little nervous to use the bathrooms there. 

But you know how disgusted Shooter McGavin was with all the fans that started showing up once Happy Gilmore came onto the scene? That has to be how guys in the NHL feel about the Islanders being relevant again. Like damn you people. Go back to your shanties. 

You've got 14,000 FLIDs all fighting in the parking lot over whether or not the '06 Chaminade team could beat the '18 St. Anthony's lacrosse team and then in comes '10 West Islip and '14 Ward Melville all talking on '09 Manhasset and '11 Garden City. And once all those meatheads are done trying to bash each other's skulls in over the glory days, they all march into the Coliseum together to chant "YES" for 60 straight minutes at a hockey game. Chicken parm stained shirts, hair gel smeared all over the glass, you take a trip to the penalty box and you get suffocated with the scent of Axe Tsunami. Unfortunately for all these mutants, it was an even bigger night for the B's both on and off the ice. Pasta filled this kid's heart up with joy when he gave him his stick after warmups. 

Only for Marchand to rip it out right after by scoring the overtime dagger from the Crosby/Kane corner.