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White Sox Dave Is Absolutley Going To Take The Barstool Barn Burner Way Too Seriously And I Love It

Does it surprise anyone that White Sox Dave is going to get in the ear of actual baseball scouts he knows to help pick out his team for the Barstool Barn Burner being played on the Field Of Dreams set? No, not at all. I love the move though, I'm fully expecting him to hold some very intense tryouts based on the video submissions he gets. It's going to be the Red Line Radio team vs the Starting 9 team in Iowa to see who is the better squad. How cool is that? If you think you have what it takes all you have to do is submit a video of your baseball skills and pray that you get selected. This thing is going to be awesome. Dave said it's his literal wet dream to be near the Field Of Dreams field, Dallas said it's a bucket list item and they're both 100% right. The Field Of Dreams field may be the most iconic baseball movie field out there. Dallas is right, I'd 100% get emotional walking up towards the field too, how could you not? 

Jared: "I feel like because Dave has a background in scouting he's gonna like actually actually ask other scouts....."

White Sox Dave: *cuts off Jared* "I 1000% am"

Dave also may not be able to control his bodily fluids upon entering the field, and how could you blame him?

White Sox Dave: " I'm so excited for this. This is my wet dream in every sense of the word. Like not metaphorically, it's literally a wet dream for me."

On episode 246 the guys talk about the Barstool Barn Burner announcement and also dive into what the postseason chances are for teams 2 months into the season. Some more big dogs went down with injury with Jack Flaherty and Stephen Strasburg hitting the shelf, and we get another Mount Rushmore update with Dallas and Jared creating their Mount Rushmore for the Minnesota Twins. 

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