Trae Young Is Going to Mentally Dominate Philadelphia Just Like He Did New York

We're really doing this again?

Trae Young just dispatched the Knicks with ease, playing three of the five games in the series in a building in which he was literally spat upon and heckled relentlessly. And all he did was put up 29.2 points and 9.8 assists per game. What do Philadelphia fans think they're going to do that this guy hasn't dealt with since high school?

I guess we have established in this year's NBA Playoffs alone that the Philly fans are going to do their best to be their usual scumbag selves, you know, with the dumping popcorn on opposing players and running on the court and all. But all you're doing is giving Young more fuel. If you really wanted to throw him off his game — or at least hope to — you'd just be quiet. He thrives in the chaos.

I honestly hope the Philly scumbags give Trae their best. Let him hear it. Because while I don't know if the Hawks are going to win this series or not, I do know that Young will absolutely be the best player on the floor as long as the fans in Wells Fargo Arena are hurling insults between their bites of cheesesteak and overrated seasoned french fries.

Let's ride, Philly. Give it to Trae. See how well it works out.