Mind-blowing Fact - Mobile Gaming Is Bigger Than Console And PC Gaming COMBINED

This chart is WILD to consider. The MRags-analytics are telling me that mobile gaming is making up about 60% of all gaming revenue generated in 2020. Mobile gaming gets overlooked so easily, but it really represents the majority of gamers when you look at it this way.
Think of all the mobile games you've played in your life. I have a younger cousin who's around 13 years old. When we were last at dinner he was cycling between 5-10 different games for the 2 hour dinner (we're Italian so it was like 5 courses of Gabagool). Anyway, every single game had ads up the wazoo. If you want to eliminate the ads, it costs about a dollar, but no one ever does that.

Now, think about the biggest mobile games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Angry Birds, etc. - mobile gaming is everywhere, but it's disguised because none of these individuals would consider themselves "gamers." Also, quick RIP for all parents that have accidentally gotten their credit card stolen by their kids (I'm sorry Mom and Dad, but I needed to get into a MW2 lobby to get to 10th Prestige). I can't even imagine how many parents lost thousands of dollars because of their kids wanted some more Fortnite Vbucks. RIP in peace.

Mobile gaming is also insanely fun and entertaining. About a month ago, I wrote this blog on best mobile games. Which are your favorite?

Announced yesterday, Valorant announced that it will be launching a mobile version of the game.

BONUS - MRags Reacts - Here's me reacting to some old Twitch clips. Enjoy and subscribe!