Get Excited - The Trailer For Season 2 Of "Dave" Has Dropped


I think if there is one thing that is universally loved, it's the TV show "Dave". I have yet to meet someone who didn't love it, and if I did, I would probably throw them into a river tied to a bundle of bricks and not tell anyone. Everything I've read online from sea to shining sea universally loves the show. I love the show. All my homies love the show. And for something to live up to the hype is rare, and then to make another season and live up to it, well, that's even more rare. But if there is one person I believe it, it gotta be Lil Dicky. The guy is just a genius. I'm sure season 2 will have twists and turns, hilarious moments that we don't see coming (perfect time to post my blog linking to the milking table scene)



and be as heartwarming, pure, and hysterical as season 1.

Yes, I am purposely hyping this up to the moon because I really think it will be that good. The new season premiers on June 16, and it is likely the only week to week network show I will watch this entire year. Can't wait.