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The Fact That These Guys Were All Part Of The 2015-2016 MLB International Signing Period Is Insane

Want to know why it's important to dip your toes in the International Market as an MLB franchise? Look above. MLB Network tweeted out the 4 major signings from the 2015-2016 International Signing Period and goooood lord. Those are 4 of the biggest names in baseball, if Yordan Alvarez is the "worst" player in the group you're doing alright. And look at those signing numbers! Pennies! They're pennies! The International Market is such a weapon for teams and front offices that participate. Think about the White Sox signing Fernando Tatis Jr. for $700K and Tatis Jr. turning that into a $340 million deal. Insane. You have Juan Soto signing for $1.5 million which is insane because he's only 22 and he's already got a closet full of hardware. And then theres Vlad Jr. who was one of the bigger names in the pool because of his papa, but as you know he's turned it on this year and is making a case for AL MVP. 

Just look at those 4 players, insane power from all 4, except for Alvarez they are the faces of their franchises and have been some of the most exciting players in baseball over the past few seasons. These guys are arguably some of the best players in baseball, I think you could make an argument for Tatis Jr, Soto, and Vladdy Jr all being top 10 players right now. All signed for nothing on the International Market in the same season. If they keep on their paces we're looking at 3 Hall Of Famers from this class too, it's crazy how much talent was signed here. They weren't even top guys too, Vlad was the highest ranked in the class at 4, Soto was 22, Tatis Jr. was 27, and Alvarez wasn't even in the top 30. Shows you how valuable a good international scout it, these guys are finding generational talents for almost nothing. 

Makes you wonder why some teams just completely ignore the International Market. Never forget when Dan Duquette actually gave this answer when asked about Ohtani and the International Market.

Good call Dan.