Back Up Terry Is The Biggest First Ballot Hall Of Famer In The History Of Hall Of Fames

Massive week at Barstool Chicago and I’m not talking about the new office. I’m talking about the landmark snake draft about viral videos. Arguably the best vertical on the internet and this is arguably its best offering.

Hits every time. Literally every single time it’s a perfect video. I can’t even begin to explain the genius behind the vocal range. Those octaves. From back it up to WHAT IS YOU DOING ... Celine Dion admires the work.

I must admit tho that I owe everyone an apology. The sixth round is purely unacceptable. I should’ve double up in the 2nd on it but alas I lucked out. One of the biggest late round steals in snake draft history. I could watch this video for hours and not get sick of it.

As for the criticism of my 3rd round pick, make up your fucking minds. You know what I’m talking about.

Go subscribe to barstool Chicago on YouTube. Closing in on 20k and that’s a big fucking deal to me. All gas.