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How Did I Originally End Up in China?

Heyhowahya, I used to do a video podcast for Barstool Gold called Donnie DID where I would share stories from my time abroad and answer random DMs. Well seeing as Barstool Gold hasn't existed for over a year I decided to start dropping some of the more interesting episodes on youtube. A couple weeks ago I shared the story of the time I accidentally tried crystal meth:

and today I'm dropping the episode where I answered the most common question I get from fans, how the fuck did I really end up in China? I know originally the story was I blacked out at Logan Airport after drinking 13 Long Island Iced Teas and woke up in China but I'm hoping most of you could sniff that out as bullshit. This dude on facebook 8 years ago definitely did and WAS NOT AMUSED. 

So without further adieu, here is how I really ended up in China plus some other stories from my first year abroad. 

May start dropping new episodes of this podcast eventually so stay tuned!