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An Invisible Work Of Art Sells At Auction For $18000 And I Want To Fight EVERYONE Involved With Art

In the year 2021 EVERYTHING is fake. Money? Fake. Bitcoin? Fake. Art...the fakest fucking fake thing of all time, apparently. What a fucking scam. People always claim that outrage is fake. Let me assure outrage is fucking REAL right now. $18,000 for nothing. Literally air. Someone paid that for an invisible sculpture. Buddy...I've got thousands of invisible sculptures in my apartment right now. Some are even of naked chicks. And let me tell you...their invisible tits are stunning. Can I just claim that? Can I say that I've got an invisible sculpture of the most amazing tits the world has ever seen and then also sell it as an NFT? Nobody really knows what an NFT is either(I know what it stands for, but it's also bullshit). 

The thing that pisses me off is that this is clearly fraud. Whoever paid 18k for this invisible sculpture is just doing it so they can fake donate it to a museum in a few years for triple what they paid for it and claim a tax right off. That is the entire art game now. Tape a banana to a wall or say fucking air is worth something, donate it, wash you money, avoid taxes, rinse and repeat move by the uber wealthy just fuck around. You want to say a Salvador Dali painting or a Rembrandt is worth 450M dollars. Fine. I won't balk at that. I don't understand art, but I can look at something old and beautiful with a big time name attached and accept that someone is paying for something valuable even if it's really tax evasion. I can't accept these fucks just brazenly ripping people off. 

Eddie and I did a full podcast about this racket last year. Listen here to learn more about how the uber wealthy elites just continue to fuck everyone over with this fine art scam