Trae Young Is Going To Get Tormented So Hard By Philly Fans For The Next 4 Games

Pool. Getty Images.



This guy. This fella right here. If there's one crowd in the northern hemisphere that Trae Young doesn't want to stir some shit with, it's Philly fans at 100% capacity and 100% going crazy off of some summer Sixer vibes. You think Trae Young's little pro wrestling antics are going to work against a crowd who are all coming into the games absolutely shit faced off some 302's from Shenanigan's? Heaven's no!

And unfortunately for Trae Young, Philly fans are already in championship form. A "fuck you, Westbrook" chant while you send him home packing? It's devastating. 

Sidenote: I've always found the "na na na na hey hey hey hey goodbye" chant to be incredibly boring. Just not a fan of it I guess after hearing it for the 350000th time. 

But yeah. The Sixers made sure to lose game 4 to Washington so they could get a full capacity crowd at the Wells Fargo to close this bitch out. And after sending Russ and Beal home for the summer, I guess it's on to Trae Young now.