China Is Entering Its Flooding Season And It Looks Terrifying For That Dam That Is So Big That It Slows The Earth's Rotation

A flood in China...who gives a fuck, right? Normally I would just say hey, good luck with all that water. Stay safe, people. Or something. I don't know. Generally I want people to be happy and healthy, but I also don't really fully internalize it more than a passing scroll before I get back to sports and smut. Not anymore though. Ever since we did this Three Gorges Dam podcast on Dogwalk a few weeks ago the floods in China scare the absolute shit out of me. Here is a little refresher clip

China is bracing for a heavy flood season with 71 rivers already exceeding warning levels, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday, as meteorological authorities warned that global warming is fuelling more extreme weather.

Rain in some parts of central and southern China has hit record highs in recent weeks even though overall precipitation is about 10% lower this year compared with last year, according to the Ministry of Water Resources.

Water levels on the Yangtze and its tributaries were expected to rise further over the next week, the ministry said, and it warned of major floods throughout the country from June to August.

Ho hum, just the 71 rivers in China, many of which feed into the Yangtze/Three Gorges Dam are already exceeding levels. The Dam that would cause MASSIVE chaos, famine, and unrest all throughout the world. Let's just bury that story on the back page of the internet on something called the Global Times. That is the first link that pops up. It is hard to find these videos and articles probably because it is China, but Reuters is where the little blurb above this paragraph is from. We got heavy into this topic on Dogwalk about a month ago and we broke down all of the cities, including our favorite Wuhan that would get smashed within a day if this dam broke. You can listen to that full ep here

Now, China said that they reinforced and beefed up the Three Gorges Dam, to use my technical terms, after some of the dam shifted under pressure. Hopefully they did that and it works. Otherwise…we are all fucked. Things have been too nice these last 3 days since the pandemic has sort of subsided. Maybe God is sending us a flood plague this time.