After Today's Press Conference, The New Era Of Boston Celtics Basketball Is Officially Underway

A monumental day for the future of the Boston Celtics. I don't really know how else to say it. While the internet is busy getting off their Danny Ainge jokes and framing his tenure as GM of the Celts as anything other than a success, it's pretty surreal that after 18 years things have finally come to an end. Even crazier that out of nowhere Brad steps down as coach and is now in charge of rebuilding and retooling this entire team. Tons of questions now exist about his ability to do just that and who is going to replace him on the sidelines.

If you were unable to watch/hear the press conference, those videos above should bring you up to speed, but here are some other notable parts

Love it. Win a ring or die trying. That's a motto we can all get behind. It's certainly better than that C Us Rise or whatever that bullshit was. Everyone knows you need a good slogan to build around. This new era is already off to a fantastic start

Until I know what decisions these were, I'm not sure what to think about this. Was it Brad's idea to trade down for Tatum or draft Jaylen? That's great. Was it more on Brad when it came to their recent end of first round/second round picks? Not as great. Whose idea was Jeff Teague? We'll never know, but now that he is in charge of this franchise I'm going to assume all the good things that happened were all due to Brad's basketball mind. Not sure how you can debate that tbh.

People will forget, their two All Star franchise cornerstone players are like 24 and 23 and are both signed long term. Not exactly a bad place to be.

We're about to see if the idea that Brad's voice had gone stale is true or not. Just depends on what that new voice is. To me, it's not as simple as saying any new voice is the right move. It has to be the right voice. Personally, I have no problem going with someone who has never been a head coach before. That doesn't really matter to me. Who the person is, what their plan is, and how they can get the best out of the roster is what matters most. 

Oh, and that the Jay signed off on it. That's the #1 thing.

It'll take a while for the shock of today's events to settle down, but you have to figure out your own shit before you can go about improving the roster. Brad took the challenge of being a new NBA coach and seemed to do alright, but his next challenge is going to be 10x as hard. He has a bit of a mess both roster and cap wise to figure out, he needs a coach, and the draft is quickly approaching.

The new era begins today. Here's to hoping it goes well.